BV Global Emails Rebranding

Project Details

Client Bluegreen Vacations Corporation

Role Creative Direction



Date 2018

Bluegreen Vacations relies heavily on e-mail for nurture programs, in-market conversions, and member communications. As art director, I led an effort to upgrade and rebrand all BV Global e-mails. The goal was to supply high-quality layout patterns that could be implemented easily to match messaging goals. E-mails were designed to be responsive and follow brand standards. They were programmed in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

1. Case study

Bluegreen Vacations uses e-mail as the main channel for in-market promotions and lead development via nurture programs. They needed a complete branding strategy to make e-mail campaigning more efficient and consistent.

2. Result

Designed 20+ modular patterns for e-mail to be used as a suite of high-quality options for a wide variety of e-mail layouts.

3. Experience

E-mails are designed for Bootstrap-supported responsive presentation and delivered as content blocks.

Analyzed Existing Emails Suite and Wireframed Common Components

Intake included a detailed audit of the existing e-mail portfolio. I organized the variety of elements in order to highlight where standards were not fully optimized. The resulting report and wireframes were delivered in a printable format so that strategic decisions could be made about next steps.

Created Global Component Templates

During the design and implementation phase, I created detailed spec sheets that could be passed to the developers responsible for coding the template standards. All options were designed with multiple viewports leaving little-doubt for what the programming team needed to do.

Styleguide & New Looks

From the core e-mail design components, additional feature-rich layouts brought better e-mail options forward. Below are screenshots from the e-mail styleguide and actual outputted e-mails using the standards.

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