BV Travel Blog

Project Details

Project Bluegreen Vacations Corporation

Role Creative Direction



Date 2017

Title Travel Blog

The Bluegreen Vacations Travel Blog was designed to deliver keyword-rich story content that would appeal to potential customers. The site features timely stories with rich photography and a layout that complements multiple viewports and browsing devices. The project involved coordinating with multiple areas including marketing, editorial, programming, and sales to achieve the desired effect.

1. Case study

Develop a keyword and content-rich blog site that will extend reach and funnel new visitor traffic to in-market Bluegreen landing pages.

2. Result

A turn-key blog experience with a clean, sleek design. Though it had a challenging project timeline, the design quality wasn't threatened.

3. Experience

Designed for CMS back-end, marketing and communications contributors now have a tool they can use to present quality, targeted content and drive higher traffic volumes.

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